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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Of Greenstone Design UK Ltd

  1. We (Greenstone Design UK Ltd) will work to support the local community through using local contractors and suppliers wherever possible. Further, we will offer sustainable design courses through local Adult and Community Learning Centres, run local environmental and sustainable education CPD courses, and provide online CPD resources through CABE and other on-line forums so people in other communities can benefit from our knowledge and experience.
  2. We will actively reduce waste by buying and using recycled printing paper, use double-sided printing, re-use envelopes, send invoices via email where possible, recycle ink cartridges, place coffee grounds and tea leaves into compost, reduce our carbon footprint by running a solar-efficient office, maximise natural light and ventilation, ensure efficient, effective insulation and make journeys by car only when public transport is unavailable or impractical.
  3. We will treat our clients and suppliers with the care and integrity we would expect for ourselves. In return we expect them to support our efforts to work towards a sustainable future for all.
  4. We will treat our employees with the care and dignity they rightly demand, ensuring their loyalty to the ethics and code of conduct of Greenstone Design UK Ltd
  5. We will be flexible in our approach to business. We are passionate about maximising a) the use of public and private funding, b) the sustainable usability of the environment, c) the aesthetic, social, environmental, educational, and play value of a space, d) community benefit and, e) opportunities to make the world a better place. We would rather win a contract to design something special within an agreed budget than be paid to squander public money on something 'adequate'.

Greenstone Design UK Ltd will be delighted to help you design and project manage natural playgrounds, school grounds designs, BSF projects, Playbuilder, Pathfinder, community orchards, community allotments, rehab & sensory garden, sustainable home garden and sustainable interior design projects.

Greenstone Design UK Ltd builds sustainable communities through multi-generational inclusive public spaces, improving quality of life and the environment through design. Sustainable design ensures environmental and community enhancement through landscape design + project management.

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