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Quality Management Statement

Greenstone Design UK Ltd

aims to deliver the highest quality of service to its clients.  Improving our existing high standards of professionalism is ensured by project and peer reviews upon completion of each project.

Our objective is to achieve complete client satisfaction and success by providing a service which conforms to all relevant requirements of not only the Design Industry, but to meet every requirement of each individual client. Our policies and procedures ensure that all work, from initial enquiry to design completion and project management, is undertaken conscientiously and in a manner which sets and maintains a professional and high standard of service.

Greenstone Design UK Ltd reduces potential for mistakes by using checking mechanisms at every stage of the design process. Client consultation and reviews are built in so decisions are made on a collaborative basis.

 All staff, whether directly employed or on contract, are chosen for their positive outlook.  We work with rather than for our clients to ensure we produce designs that meet their needs, their budget, their desires.

 Greenstone Design UK Ltd seeks out partnerships to the mutual benefit of both parties. In this way marketing becomes a joint process through expanded contacts within the Design Industry. We are proud to partner with Natural Solutions GmBH for all our landscape construction projects. By running CPD training courses in sustainable landscape design we can reach a qualified market audience.

 Greenstone Design UK is young and innovative in its business outlook. Always open to new ideas and new possibilities, we are professional opportunists. New market sectors are continually being explored as we expand our experience and expertise and adapt our service to meet an ever wider demand.

 Our Diversity & Equality Policy ensures new employees and contractors are taken on and promoted on merit. As we expand we ensure new members of the team are aware of our Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Policies. By choosing people with the same ethics and belief in sustainable design we ensure the growth of a creative harmonious team.

 Greenstone Design UK’s logo symbolizes growth, harmony and new beginnings. We are constantly working to improve everything we do, from initial client contact to post design installation review. With the cyclical nature of design, products, processes and systems are under regular review. We do not waste time on things that are going well, other than to identify the agent of success so it can be applied elsewhere.


Sustainable interior and landscape designers offer full architectural service, community consultation, urban planning & regeneration, bio-diverse edible planting attract people & wildlife, natural shade, community recreation & play space, disabled & non-disabled sensory space

Greenstone Design UK Ltd builds sustainable communities through multi-generational inclusive public spaces, improving quality of life and the environment through design. Sustainable design ensures environmental and community enhancement through landscape design + project management.

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